How to add Parisian charm to your bedroom

Haven't we all dreamt of walking on the lanes of Paris, wearing a beret and catching sight of the Eiffel Tower? The world-famous patisseries, fantastic wines, and dainty park benches of Paris seem to be too unreachable in the midst of the pandemic. So, why don’t we try to bring a piece of Paris into our bedrooms? You do not have to fill your room with letter inscriptions of Paris, or drawings of the Eiffel Tower to bring in an element of Paris in your room. 

When you envision Parisian decor in your room, think of the color palette of the city. From a myriad of grays to pastels, Paris is subtle and dainty. Despite the popular notion of a pink-hued Parisian mon cheri, you would not want your room to look like Strawberry Shortcake’s apartment. Bring in the color palette of Paris to your room by infusing walls with pastels and incorporating tiny trinkets (go DIY or go shopping like the quintessential Parisian!) in your room. 

Most French apartments are tiny and cozy. Think of layered colorful drapes and comfortable vibes when you design your room. The Parisian usually believes in placing things around without too much planning and finding beauty in the imperfections. Remember that the French woman does not want to try too hard, be it their hair, skincare, or fashion. They believe in an organic approach towards life. 

You could hang a daisy-patterned pouch on your mirror for that non-fuss yet effective bedroom decor. Another non-fussy and very colorful trick to decorate your room is to make a string out of colored paper clips. Make it as long as possible and drape it on a curtain, or scarf, or at the corner of your mirror. 

You need to make your room feel airy and sunny, so give that duvet a dusting and invest in some quality bed sheets. Replace your ordinary bedding with sustainable, breathable, comfortable, organic cotton bed sheets. You could choose a variety of organic bed sheets and thin blankets from brands specializing in Luxury bedding India. Then, bring out your toolbox or go shopping to bring in the elements of Paris in your safe sanctuary. 

  • Every kind of Pastels like every hue of macaroon
  • Paris and pastels go hand in hand. If you don’t want to coat your room with pastel sunshine, you can give your room the Parisian feel with the hottest color ever! Paint one of your walls turquoise blue or teal, maybe purple. It is the perfectly subtle way to brighten up your room. You could go for beige walls and fill it with artworks. You could add a sunny-yellow couch to your otherwise monotone room if you do not want to revamp your entire color palette. 


    parisian home decor


  • Bright artworks with muted tones
  • Paris thrives with art all around. And, art is the best way to incorporate more Parisian feels in your room. Has this pandemic unlocked your artistic fervor? You could paint a bright canvass and make it the central, eye-catching piece right above your bed. If you do not have the time or energy to invest in such a hefty piece, you could bring out those broken and tattered color palettes from your first grade and paint them in whatever abstract way your mind concocts. 

    Use acrylic color to get them popping and add in trinkets while the paint is wet to give it a raised feel. Make sure you do not get that paint on your Luxury bedding India bed sheets. Then, hang those pretty raised palette artworks anywhere in your room. Make sure that your bedroom is painted in a muted tone, or white, beige, or cream, or else those artworks won’t be as eye-grabbing as they are. 

  • Floral mirrors, Lace curtains and Patterned bedsheets 
  • The quintessential Parisian apartment has lots of rugs, lamps, and layered accessories. Luxury bedding India has many varieties of organic patterned bed sheets that would beautify your room in the healthiest way imaginable. Lace curtains would make those lovely sun rays illuminate your room. You could take some glass colors and draw near the corners of your mirror. Nothing screams Paris as much as a red lip and beret. So, if you cannot flaunt them, paint them, or engrave them into tiny corners in your room. 


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