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7 ways to style your home with the Danish concept of Hygge

March 28, 2017

7 ways to style your home with the Danish concept of Hygge

When you come to Denmark, the first thing you’ll notice is the casual, relaxed vibe. People taking their dogs for a stroll, biking around or even taking a spin on the skating rink.

If you ever get invited or happen to visit a Danish home, you’ll notice a large, disproportionate window in every nook to allow lots of light inside, a small Danish flag and yes candles.  Candles are a must. Reminds me of warming up. To Hygge. To family gatherings. To hot-chocolates.

Now that we’re warming up to the idea of candles, it makes logical sense to talk about Hygge (pronounced Hue-ga).  Hygge is a Danish word to which there is no exact English translation. Hygge is about cosying up and comforting yourself and your kin. It is about indulging and having a nice time, thereby enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Part of the reason why the Danes are considered to be one of the happiest people.

So how do you warm up your home to Hygge? Here are 7 stylised ways to nail the spirit:

1. Food for thought the family way

Rustic wooden table

What's home without the people who make it? A gathering of family and friends, good food and wine, laughter and banter is incomplete without the space you bond over - the dining table. Nothing better than a reclaimed wood table weathered in white that maintains the authenticity and rawness of form.  (Source:theaceofspaceblog)

2. Cozying up in your personal sanctuary

cozy white bed

Soothing to the eye, white is definitely a transeasonal colour. Whites and greys almost always up your bedroom relaxation quotient not only because they're muted and help you calm down but even because they pair up with everything. Checkout Amouve's Hygge inspired white sheets (Source: thecozyspace tumblr)

3. Green in the hanging jars

hanging jars

Remember those jars that you used to store knick-knacks or kitchen essentials in? The same could be used for clever wall hangings with little green plants adorning them. 

4. The warmth of a well-lit fire

white fireplace

5. Pop of colour

pop of colour vase

Scandinavian decor comprises of a lot of pastels but a little pop of colour brings just the right amount of vibrance to any space. Go all out with some flowers or buds in eclectic colours to give a good balance to the whites and creams. (Source:

6. A snug hammock

hygge hamoock

What's home without your very own outdoorsy corner? Think hammocks with pastels that double up as a relaxed drinking spot by the night. (Image Source: How to decorate)

7. Pedal-Power


Not a direct part of your decor, but definitely one of the most important aspects of Hygge - the good ol' bicycle. Perfectly relaxing and the ultimate way to fitness, there's more to the pedal than most. 

P.S. The images do not belong to us and are credited to respective sources.

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