Nature retreats with the best views to wake up to

Nature retreats with the best views to wake up to

Imagine having the cosiest bed and a stunning view to go with it. Waking up to nature is by far the best way to make your mornings.

Here’s a list of 5 eco nature retreats with the most splendid view.

  1. Atali Ganga – Rishikesh, India

Atali Ganga Rishikesh

If there is one place in India that clearly etches its name in the luxury, eco adventure space, it is Atali Ganga. Surrounded by mountains, the emerald Ganges beneath and a reserved forest at the back, Atali is your time in the seclusion of the woods. It has 22 cottages that are tastefully done in stone and a look outside the window greets you with the Himalayan thrush and the lofty mountains. Indeed, a nature lover’s paradise.


  1. Kaklslautatten Arctic Resort, Finland

Kakslautatten opens you up to the skies above. A great way to see the northern lights, the retreat is made up of glass igloos, thereby giving you the comfort of the lights from the warmest bed. Snuggle up with your partner and admire the dancing of the lights.


  1. Heritage Hotel, Hallstatt, Austria

The pretty little town of Hallstatt boasts of some of the most mesmerizing views of the alps and the lake. The charmingly renovated Heritage Hotel consisting of a total of 3 houses surpasses your expectation when it comes to the view.


  1. Jade Mountain Retreat, St. Lucia

An iconic view of the Piti and Gros Piton Mountains floating upon the Carribean is what you get at the stunningly breathtaking Jade Mountain Retreat. The Caribbean opens its arms to you with a bold architectural design that blends in harmony with nature.


  1. Saruni Mara, Talek, Kenya

An intimate and exclusive boutique retreat, Saruni Mara offers breathtaking views of the nto over the secluded valley and out onto the Mara plains in the distance.