Hello from Scandinavia!

Scandinavia’s simplicity is its highlight. Exactly why we our Everyday Luxury Collection is inspired by it. Interestingly, a Scandinavian home will most likely have white bed sheets. The sun is scarce and white reflects light. 

After seeing some amazing minimalist homes, having copious amounts of Gjetost and seeing the indescribable northern lights, we're back from a refreshing trip to Norway and Sweden and can't stop raving about them. Here are some pretty postcards.


    The entrance to the af Chapman, a previously owned Navy ship 

Multi-coloured building Stockholm

        Multi-coloured old world-charm

Northern Lights Finland

  The Finland-Swedish border, on a frozen river with a campire and the aurora above. 

Tromso twilight

            Twilight in Tromso when the sun doesn't rise at all.